Guided walking tours for mature aged hikers

The rich nature and culture that we are so lucky to have here in the region gives us unique opportunities in all forms of guiding. FOr seniors, we can offer tailor-made packages for one or more days with a main focus on local history, outdoor experiences and Norwegian culture. The region of Valdres is packed with exiting stories that we want to share with you. All tours can be adapted to physical levels and tailored to your wishes. We can also assist with transportation, dinners and accomodation. WIth our local guides, you get the most out of your outdoor experience in a safe and fun way.

History walks

Are you looking for a unique and enriching experienvce during your visit to the area? Beitostølen offers guided tours that can provided you with local knowledge and history during your hike. Our experienced guides are passionate about history and culture of the area and can hel you discover the natural beauty of the region. We offer both private and group tours that can be customized to include transportation, meals, activities and overnight stays. As a senior visitor, you can enjoy the benefits of local knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the area's rich history an culture.

The daughter and sons of the wilderness

Do you have someone in your group of friends who has claimed the prestigious title of "Son or Daughter of the wilderness" without having proven it to any great extent? Join us for a serios of wilderness and outdoor challenges that challenge you on the various skills that a son or daughter of the great outdoors should have. Participants can be divided into teams or compete individually. Duration and difficulty can be adjusted as you wish. Be the first to light the fire or be the one who navigates back to camp first - all tasks ca be tailored to your wishes, or set up without your knowing by our instructors.

For other suggestions on activities and guided tours contact us directly for booking. Beitostølen has many adventures to offer both in winter and summer