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Wilderness SPA by the lake

Wilderness luxury in the mountains. Denne fantastiske “høyfjellsoasen” finner dere bare 10 minutter fra Beitostølen sentrum! Ved vannet Øyangen nede i Beito ligger vår flotte Villmarkspa med utsikt til både Bitihorn og Mugnetind. Ta med din kjære, noen venner eller dine kollegaer og la skuldrene senke seg i nydelige omgivelser ved vannet. Vi sørger for at dere får en uforglemmelig opplevelse med unik utsikt!
If you are extra lucky you'll see the northen lights dancing around bitihorn while you're sitting in the hot tub.

In winter, this is an extra special experience!
Then you take the last short distance from the car on snoshoes. We can also arrange ice bathing for those who feel extra adventurous. With the fire-wood sauna and hot tub, you will wuickly get the heat back in you body.
When the temperature rises again, all you have to do is get outside - to jump in the crystal clear mountain water, or maybe roll in the powder snow.
This is Wilderness SPA at its best!

Price from NOK 900,- pr. person

Treat yorself to some luxury


wilderness spa

You quickly raise the temperature of your body in the sauna and the hot tub. When you want to cool off, It's only 10 meters down to the lake, or in winter you can take a refreshing snow bath. Enjoy the view of Slettefjell and Øyangen as the sun sets behind the mountains.



Summer or Winter, the heat and joy you get by a wood-burning sauna is a absolutly wonderful experience. With a birch twig you start the blood circulation during the sauna session by hitting the birch twigs against the body. When It's time to cool off, roll in the snow or take a wild swim in the lake.

Beitocampen SummerWilderness SPA

Family and Friends

Celebrate your birthday or bring your friends and family for a true Scandinavian experience. The wilderness guide welcomes you and show you around, before you can enjoy the nature in peace and quiet. The sauna and hot tub are heated when you arrive.

SPA for 2

SPA for two

Suprise your loved one with a visit to our Wilderness SPA. Are you visiting during The Northen Lights season? Turn your gaze to the sky and maybe you'll see the Northen Lights dancing among the mountain tops.

what to bring

What should I bring?
Bathing shoes
Drink/ water bottle
2 towels ( one to sit on, one to dry yourself with)
Bag for wet swimwear
During summer period
Mosquito repellent
Sun cream
Winter, Spring and Autumn

before you visit

Read the order confirmation carefully

Check the weather in advance and bring suitable clothes e.g rubber boots, mittens, hat, woolen jumper.

Avoid glass bottles and drinks with dyes such as red wine.
It quickly leaves marks on the wood in the sauna and hot tub if there is an accident.

during your stay

Turn your mobile phone off and keep it dry 
For your own well-being and that of others, we encourage you to drink water to avoid dehydration.
In addtion to water and other drinks, you can bring alcohol.

The classic Nordic way is to spend 10-15 minutes in the sauna and then jump into ice cold water or snow.


For other suggestions on activities and guided tours contact us directly for booking. Beitostølen has many adventures to offer both in winter and summer

Open from 12:00hrs- 21:00hrs all year around

(+47) 924 84 564

 wilderness SPA

There is room for 6 people in the sauna and 5-6 people in the hot tub. Full service with hot sauna and hot tub on arrival. The hot tub is filled with fresh mountain water from the lake Øyangen without chlorine. We change the water after each visit. You dispose of the wilderness spa for 4 hours.

Included in the Wilderness SPA
- Welcome drink ( non alcoholic)
- Shower soap
– SpaCare hot tub fragrance
- Heated sauna and hot tub
- Fire-wood
- Birch twiggs
– Fragrance oil from Rento in the sauna
- Drinking water


There is room for 6 people in the sauna
Full service with hot sauna on arrival. You dispose it for 3 hours.

– Duftolje fra Finske Rento i badstue
– Oppvarmet badstua
- Fire-wood
- Mountain birch twiggs
- Drinking water

 Wilderness SPA

2 persons NOK. 5.000,- 
Group max 8 persons NOK 7. 500,

Groups max 12 persons NOK. 10.000,- 

2 persons NOK. 3.000,-
Group max 6
 persons NOK 6000,-
Not including the hot tub

The capacity is 6 people in the sauna and 4-5 in the hot tub. There are 4 seats sitting in the hot tub, and two a little higher up.

We use approx. 3 hours to fire up the hot tub and sauna before your visit.

We change the water after each visit. It is washed with enviromentally firendly detergents and green soap

The water is pumped up with water-pumps from Øyangen. There is no electricity in the camp.

The sauna has LED lights but no possibility to connect other electrical devices such as speakers or charging items.

The unit is placed some distance away so as not to disturb our guests experience.

Veibeskrivelse og parkering
For veibeskrivelse til Beitocampen 
klikk videre her på Google Maps.

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