Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole


We have many mountain walks to choose from here in foot of Jotunheimen. If you have a desire to get that little extra out of the hike, go with a guide. We know the best routes and can show you things you can’t find on your own. We take pride in taking you on a trip and make it safe and fun. It is the best trip investments you can make. Unless you are fully knowledgeable about where you are hiking, it can save time by getting to places to see and we will help you to avoid what is a waste of time. Mountain tours ranging from a few hours to full to several days.



This trek is best suited to people accustomed to trekking and is only recommended in good weather. Steep sections which quickly becomes very slippery after rain, narrow paths that are not easy to locate when there is fog. Aside from that, there is stunning hike and views of Leirungsdalen, Gjende and Besseggen water, It is something special indeed. People talk and calles It the “little Besseggen,” we would say that it is not fair to call the mountain small, rather the tough cousin. Knuthøe is a demanding and unmarked hike with steep areas. Trails on the edge of the mountain end in precipices and must not bee followed, we would certainly recommend to go on this trek with a mountain guide.


Rasletind is a classic trek in Jotunheimen west of Valdresflya located in the eastern part of Jotunheimen. The top of Rasletind marks the border between the municipalities Vang in the south and Vågå in the north, both in Oppland county. The mountain has two peaks, Øystre Rasletind and Rasletind. On top of Rasletind an incredible view of Øystre Slidre, Bitihorn and lakes Vinstervannet and Bygdin. On clear days you can almost see all the way to Oslo.


Besseggen is one of Norway’s most popular hikes, and just 40 mintues drive from Beitostolen. A sense of accomplishment and the view of Jotunheimen in combination with the steep passages and a stunning boat trip, creats a truly unique hiking experience. it’s not an easy hike, but well worth the effort. The trek gives an airy feeling where you’ll see the clear green Gjende water on one side and the deep blue Bessvatnet Lake on the other. Season for hiking Besseggen is recomended from end of June – October. There are some guided trips during winter seasons on skis as well. Expect snow on some parts until mid June. We like to start the hike with the Gjende boats early in the morning to Memurubu, a boat trip aprox. 20 minutes. From Memurubu back to Gjendesheim is a ca. 17 km long ttrek, the highest point is 1743 m. On the question of how long it takes to walk Besseggen, we would say anywhere from 4 hours to 10 hours. For a small group with a guide, we estimate 8 hours.


The most famous mountain in Beitostølen! With its iconic peak, this hike is a must if you are visiting Valdres. Good hiking shoes are a must as the path can be rocky in places. Your guide will lead your family at an appropriate pace, up to the peak at 1608m. Remember to bring your camera to capture spectacular scenary of Jotunheimen.


Only a short drive away from Beitostølen. The Gravolskampen hike is a great family friendly hike which offers spectacular views towards Jotunheimen National Park. This is also a great hike for thoses who want to go berry picking, with our guides knowing where the best cloud berry sites are! If you or your kids are interested in nature or science, we recommend this hike for learning about the geology of the area, walking over rocks as old as 500 million years, and learning about different features of glaciation.

For other suggestions on activities and guided tours contact us directly for booking. Beitostølen has many adventures to offer both in winter and summer