Beitostølen Aktiv & Skiskole


The boat fishing season on Øyangen is from 15th of June to 25th of August. Fishing permits for angling from boats NOK. 80, – per. person per day. Free under 16 years. Licences can be bought here: During the summer holiday it is wise to book a boat in advance of arrival since there is greater demand these weeks. For the avid fisherman or for beginners, our fishing guides can be hired year round.

FISHING with a guide

Fishing courses last for approx. 4 hours. Included in the price is the boat rental, instructor, fishing equipment, and fishing licence. 

Price including boat and up to 3 persons

Kr. 4.410,-


We have a Gapahuk located by our fishing boat marina on the shore of Øyangen. This is available for both day rental or over-night rental. Perfect for those who want to spend the whole day by the lake. 1 bag of wood and use of the grill and fire-pit is included in the price. 
Day rental NOK 750,-
Stay the night NOK 1.500,-

For other suggestions on activities and guided tours contact us directly for booking. Beitostølen has many adventures to offer both in winter and summer