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Team Building

In our wintercamp and summer camp we set up activities and adventures for groups and teams.
In our Winter Camp and Beito Camp, we arrange activities, experiences and challenges for everyone.
Our team building course consits of 5 different group challenges to solve. It is a perfect outdoor activity for large and small businesses, birthday parties, school classes or stag/hen parties. It is also possible for us to take the team building challenges to you; at your hotel, outside a restaurant of mountain lodge. We have a way to include everyone in fun games and activities.

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Power Challenge

Pippi Longstocking; the strongest in the world. Everyone knows that! But which team will emerge victorius from this competition? Participants will compete in teams against each other in strength and endurance exercises. Suitable for training groups and physically strong groups of friends/bachelorette parties


Team Challenge

You will need to cooperate and communicate well to take home the victory. The guide will set up a course where everyone on the team will be challenged. We focus on fun tasks and collaboration. Here it is important to support the team you belong to.

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Skills Challenge

Test your strength, precision and knowledge against each other in a multi-challange. An all-around competition where the majority get the opportunity to excel. Build team spirit and creat good memories together. Your team is only as strong as the weakest member.


IQ Challenge

This is a fantastic way to get to know each other better and build relationships. Here we challenge you in varius tasks that you must solve in teams. Does not requier good physical fitness and everyone can participate on an equal basis.


During summer and autumn we use Beito Camp as a base for team building and other activities, such as fishing and boat rental, or climbing on our high ropes course. The camp is located down in Beito, just a short drive or walk down a gravel road from Beitovegen. The camp is situated in a pine forest on the shore of lake Øyangen. We have an toilet, parking, and a "gapahuk" and large wooden hut called the Octagon, which are used to host our groups, or can be rented out privatly. Beito Camp is about a 10 minute drive from Beitostølen. If you need help with transportation please mention this during booking.

Team Building in Beito Camp
Pick out the chilidsh mind and bring out the competitive instinct!
You decide before arrival where the weight should lie on the scale between funa nd competition. It's often the simple games and posts that are the most fun.
In teams you compete together with colleagues and you will certainly experience new sides of each other during the day. Get to know each other again in new settings.
The 5-game consists of five different posts where you get to test cooperation and team spirit.
Ex. ax throwing,boot realy, nail competition, archery, cairn building and solove problems.
The guides are skilled and experienced in selecting the posts that suit the weather conditions and the group size. It takes about 1,5-2h to get through all tasks. 


To the winter camp it takes approx. 5 minutes by snowmobile and sled from the center of Beitostølen.
In the camp the surroundings are beautifull and you feel like you are far away from the center of Beitostølen.
By the campfire there are seats and youwill get served a hot drink in front of the fire,
Before we start, the guide welcomes everyone and has a safety talk. Points are assigned to each actvity and at the end we add up and the winners will me announced.
With us, everyone can simple join in and have fun in the snow. 
Team building can be advantageously combined with Snowrafting or Airboarding.The guides are very good at selecting the posts that suits the snow conditions and the size of the groups. We offer ready made team buildings, or If you have any special wishes we can tailor a competition for you. Ex. logical challenges, mini-skiing,blind folded,sledding competitions or group challanges.  


For groups of more than 40 people, please contact us directly by telephone or email

(+47) 924 84 564

Prices - Team building

8 – 20 pers. – 570 kr pr. pers.
20 – 40 pers. – 500 kr pr. pers.
40 plus – Contact us.
School Groups

+20 pers. – 420 kr / pers.



Groups of more than 10 guests, we can offer catering from one of the many restaurants here in Beitostølen. Ask us for advice.

Hot dogs – 175 NOK / Pr. person

Activity Combinations


Combine both both these activities in our winter camp. An action packed half-day in the mountains with fun activities and exciting snow rafting.

8-20 pers. – 1365 kr / pers
20-40 pers. – 1210 kr / pers
40-80 pers. – 1100 kr / person

Combine these two activities in Beito Camp. Spend a full day in the camp with fun team building challenges and enjoyment in the climbing park.

8-20 pers. – 935 kr / pers
20-40 pers. – 880 kr / pers
40-80 pers. – 770 kr / person

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