Besseggen is one of Norway’s most popular hikes, and just 40 mintues drive from Beitostolen. A sense of accomplishment and the view of Jotunheimen in combination with the steep passages and a stunning boat trip, creats a truly unique hiking experience. it’s not an easy hike, but well worth the effort.
The trek gives an airy feeling where you’ll see the clear green Gjende water on one side and the deep blue Bessvatnet Lake on the other.
Season for hiking Besseggen is recomended from end of June – October. There are some guided trips during winter seasons on skis as well.
Expect snow on some parts until mid June.
We like to start the hike with the Gjende boats early in the morning to Memurubu, a boat trip aprox.  20 minutes.
From Memurubu back to Gjendesheim is a ca. 17 km long ttrek, the highest point is 1743 m.
On the question of how long it takes to walk Besseggen, we would say anywhere from 4 hours to 10 hours. For a small group with a guide, we estimate 8 hours.
Tomas Bereket holds the record with 1:15:40 in Besseggenløpet (2014).
From Memurubu the trek  starts with a steep path, here you get the heart pumping and can adjust shoelaces and equipment during the short breaks.
Most traffic over Besseggen in July and the first weekends in September. Gjende boats tend to start in mid-June and runs until October.
Have you walked Besseggen and are looking for a new route? Take Gjendebåten  into Gjendebu and walk over Bukkelægret.
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We work with several accommodation businesses in the area, and will gladly assist with suggestions for vad that suits you.
Timetable to Gjende boats can be found here
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“Reviewed 1 August 2015
Want to thank Beitostolen Aktiv who helped me to realize my dream and my goal for 2015. They were very forthcoming meeting, safe and inspiring to be on tour with. So if you for some reason do not want to climb Besseggen or other trips alone, whether it comes to physical or mental infirmity. I can strongly recommend Beitostolen Aktiv as tour mates. I and the young people I had with we great kosa us the whole trip. Visited July 2015″