10:00 a.m.

Adult: 1800 NOK

Ages 16+

June - August

7 hours

Riverboarding is definitely a fun and exhilerating experience. During the tours, guests get to swim in rapids, learn some rescue exercises and get an introduction to paddling techniques. There is also the possibility for guests to jump down either a 5 or 12 meter jump from a cliff into a plunge-pool. It is also possible to combine riverboard trips with white-water rafting. To participate in a riverboarding tour, guests must be at least 16 years and have good swimming skills.

Meeting place: Beito Aktiv office

Transport: Own car or minibus transport with Beito Aktiv

If raining: Trip goes ahead as usual (you will get wet anyway!)

Personal items to bring with you: old trainers, wool socks, thermal top and trousers, packed lunch, drink

Personal items supplied by Beito Aktiv: Life vest, helmet, wetsuit

What's included

Life Vest
Warm drinks



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Birthday Parties

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