Petter_3Ski Instructor
Petter is my name and I arrived in Beitostølen as a bartender in October 1976. I rather quickly came in contact with the people at Beitostølen ski school and in November 1979 I went to Geilo to attend a ski instructor course at Arne Palm ski school. Back then you had to do both alpine and cross country/telemark skiing to get your instructors exam so I was there for 2 weeks. Worked three seasons as an instructor before I got my ski teachers exam in April 1982. Which means, i guess, that I start my 40th season this year (2019) It has been some amazing years. You constantly develop your skills and get a deeper and deeper understanding of the work you do. From the early eighties and until the carving skiis came along I spent all my free time at Telemark skiis and i loved it. But I must admit that when I first tried the carving skiis I fell in love all over again.
To teach skiing is all about ONE thing: To be genuinely interested in helping people experience the same passion for skiing that you have yourself. You manage that and you have done your job very well.
Finally I have to thank my mentor in skiing, Lasse Dehle, oh whom I had the privilege of working with for several season. I would not be where i am today without his tutoring skills, Thank You!