About Henric

Being born and raised on the Swedish west coast I wasn’t exactly spoiled from good skiing at home. Behind the house where I grew up there was a small hill where the children of the neighborhood would gather when the snow finally arrived. I belong to the generation who felt that the whole of Sweden stood still when our heroes like Ingemar Stenmark and Stig Strand dominated the world cup. Everywhere there was a TV there were people watching Ingemar Stenmark. Buses would stop, the parliament was empty, and all of Sweden stood still. Suddenly all children would be Ingemar Stenmark. The following year I went skiing as much as I could and when I got the opportunity, I started working in the Swedish mountains in the late 80’s. My snowsports career began as an instructor in Snowboarding in 1991, to train 2 years later to become an Alpine and Telemark instructor right here in Beitostolen. After a number of years of working in ski schools all around Norway and having lived in Sweden for a number of years, I’m very happy to return to Beitostolen. Even though I’ve passed 50, I feel the same skiing pleasure today as when I was little. Young or old? Beginner or experienced skier? I’m looking forward to meet you!!!

Henric Strandberg


Isia level 4

Telemark level 2

Snowboard level 1