Office Manager and Human Resources

About Neta
Neta replaced the lush forests of Värmland ( Sweden) and moved to the high mountains in Jotunheimen in November 2003. After working at various jobs in Beitostølen she became employed byBeitostølen Aktiv & SkiSchool, 2005. Her tasks here is to keep track of all the paperwork and staff. Year round, she´s ready to help out to create experiences and activities to anyone visiting Beitostolen.
After office hours,  Neta enjoys running and baking chocolate cakes. In the slope she can bee seen snowboarding, but during the winter season there will also be many fine cross country trips on her agenda. Another big intresse is  wild game hunting with her  dog Eric
Tourism & adventures – Rock City – Hultsfred
Economy and leadership
Can not live without:   Coffee and chocolate.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA