Ages 7+

Decemeber - April

2 hours

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Private Groups

Looking for a new winter activity to do after a day's skiing on the slopes? Snow-Tubing is a great family activity for those of you looking to do something fun and active! Our Snow Tubes are designed to slide easily on the snow, and they have handles and an attachment that makes them easier to pull up the hill again. There is little friction between the tube and the snow, making sure you get good speed down the hill. All participants must wear a helmet. We have helmets to loan, and feel free to bring your own ski goggles. The track is well lit and groomed by track machines. Stay warm and dry; wear winter clothes and snow boots.
Parents can accompany children during the activity and assist them in walking back up the hill with the snow tube. Snow-tubing is a great way to experience the fun of winter activities from a whole new perspective.
Who can go Snow-tubing? - Everyone from ages 7 years and older can use Snow Tubes. (Only one person allowed per Snow Tube).
Is snow-tubing difficult? -  No experience is necessary, just jump in the Snow Tube and enjoy the ride!
Where does Snow-Tubing take place? - If you are a large group we can arrange this in our winter camp in the mountains, where you will be transported up to the top by snowmobile.
How fast will I go? - The speed of the courses can vary quite a lot depending on the weather. If you like to go fast, the best time to go is on cold days or when the sun goes down. On warmer days, it can slow down the speed quite a bit.
NOK 515,- pr person children 7-12 years old NOK400,-