Ages 18+

Private or group lesson

Saturday to Sunday

December - April

This is for adults who feel they want to gain more confidence in their skiing, and maybe re-discover their love for the sport. Maybe you have been skiing all your life but are feeling stagnation and want to change your skiing to a new level, both physically and mentally. Join Petter and discover your inner skiing!

What's included?

6 hours tuition

2 lunches

"Tool-box" to use and develop by your inner-self

About Petter Saunes

Petter worked three seasons as an instructor before he took his ski teachers exam in April 1982. Which means that this season (2019) will be his 40th year working as a ski instructor. He says it has been some amazing years! Petter is continually developing his skills which gives him a deeper and deeper understanding of the work he does.

Petter's Pro Coaching

Saturday to Sunday

Petter's Pro Coaching consists of 6 hours of tuition spread over the Saturday and Sunday. Lunch is included on both days. From 18 years+. Ski rental and lift pass is not included in the price.

from 1900 NOK