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  • January 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020

    Substituting a river for a banked snow channel, this is the perfect activity for all you adrenaline sport enthusiasts. Snow rafting is a fun activity for all the family, both big and small (from 7 years).

    15:00pm - Wednesdays - 630 Kr./Adult / 515 Kr./Child (7-14 years).

  • Snowmobile

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    We offer snowmobiling at our purpose built snowmobiling track at the Beitostølen Camp. The track is about 700 m long and is constructed with bends, bumps, and banks. The scooter track is very fast and fun and can provide challenges to those who want to try their hand at driving a snowscooter. Participants must be 18 years or older and have a valid driving licence.

    14:00pm - Thursdays - 1045 Kr./pers.

  • Snowshoe Tour

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    Experience the beautiful Norwegian winter-winderland on one of our snow-shoe tours. Lasts approximately 2 hours.

    10:00pm - Sundays - 605 Kr./Adult / 495 Kr./Child (7-14 years)

  • Airboard

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    Airboarding is the perfect activity for all extreme sport enthusiasts who love going fast! Airboards are inflatable “sledges”. You lie on your stomach and control your direction by leaning from side to side. Your instructor will be there to explain to you how to do it and give you tips throughout the session.

    15:30pm (before 25.01.18) / 16:30pm (after 26.01.18) - Fridays - 385 Kr./pers.

  • Dinner in a Tee-Pee

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    Join us for an evening out in a tee-pee, where you will be served delicious wild game casserole, in a cosy, peaceful setting. We set up a tee-pee for you in our winter camp area; a short distance behind the ski slope here in Beitostølen. With the help of snow scooters and sleighs you will be transported into a lovely peaceful location.

    19:00pm - Wednesdays - 605 Kr./adult / 495 Kr./ child (5-14 years).