This trek is best suited to people accustomed to trekking and is only recommended  in good weather.
Steep sections which quickly becomes very slippery after rain, narrow paths that are not easy to locate when there is fog. Aside from that, there is stunning hike and views of Leirungsdalen, Gjende and Besseggen water, It is something special indeed.
People talk and  calles It the “little Besseggen,” we would say that it is not fair to call the mountain small, rather the tough cousin. Knuthøe is a demanding and unmarked hike with steep areas.
Trails on the edge of the mountain end in precipices and must not bee followed, we would certainly recommend to go on this trek with a mountain guide.
From July to September is the best period for the hike here. We estimate the hike to ca. 5-6 hours and it is around 12 km long.
There are some who believe that Peer Gynt perhaps not als thought about Besseggen when he wrote about Gjendine Eggen. Could it have been Kntushøe?
When Peer tried to convince his mother, Åse if he had ridden over Gjendine Eggen on a reindeer buck. From Henrik Ibsen books, 10 volumes, 1898- 1902, we read:
“Have you seen the
Gjendine-edge any time?
The half mile long,
Runs by, like a scythe.
Down glaciars, landslides and suffering,
handed down urden gray,
Can see, both sides
odor in the tarns that slumber
Black, heavy, more end
thirteen hundred fathoms deep below. – “